With all the options that are available to market your business such as advertising, networking organizations, public relations, traditional media, branding, mobile technology, social media, and so much more, do you ever feel overwhelmed? 

Do you ever feel you need a crystal ball to figure it all out?


Discover the FOUR Essential Pillars of Any Successful Marketing Strategy!

  • Branding
  • Online/Social Media Presence
  • One-on-One and Group Networking
  • Traditional Marketing

Just like a house needs a strong foundation, your business needs a strong marketing foundation on which to build in the future.


Our Next UnREALogical Marketing Mentorship Program kicks off on May 1st!

ONLY $195.00 for 30 days of Marketing Coaching and Mentorship!

Includes 24/7 Email Coaching

Register by April 15th and receive a FREE MARKETING CONSULTATION with Perception Specialist, Freddie Smith.

Questions? Contact Freddie directly at (386) 585-2994 or by email at Freddie@DebCheslow.com

Your Marketing Mentor

Freddie Smith Perception Specialist 

Freddie's personal marketing success is directly related to the passion, dedication, and work ethic she brings to each client and every project. Freddie is an expert in target market development and crafting the ideal market perception, but what sets her apart is her unique ability to see things from a creative standpoint, as well as a business perspective. Freddie understands that while there is no "magic formula" that will work for every company every time, a basic understanding of marketing techniques and strategies in today's business climate can give every businessperson a competitive advantage in their industry.

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