What's the New Teleclass All About?

Exciting, Results-Oriented Content, PLUS Live Q&A: Each month Deb will present on a concept and then answer your questions live. This is a terrific opportunity to embrace new information each month - perfect for people who just need a monthly motivational boost to stay on track*.

Tips and Strategies for Applying the Information: Information without action is useless, so Deb will offer tips for applying the information discussed directly to YOUR life AND you can get feedback directly from her as you progress.

Can't be on the Teleclass Live? No Worries! Each teleclass is recorded and posted on a Members-Only website. The link will be emailed to all members after each class

No Long-Term Commitments! The Monthly Dose of Deb Teleclass is only $9.97 per month and there are absolutely no long-term commitments whatsoever. You may cancel your subscription at any time*.

* NOTE: If you are CURRENTLY enrolled in the Remarkable Breakthrough Coaching Program (Year 1, Year 2, or Year 3+), you are automatically enrolled in the Monthly Dose of Deb Teleclass.