Client Testimonials

What people are saying about Deb Cheslow…

“Deb is a born teacher and leader.”

Doug Wead
Best-selling Author and Presidential Advisor

“Deb Cheslow is one of those rare individuals who looks right past obstacles – she relentlessly pursues her goals. Finally someone has written an honest and perceptive book on the topic of success that shares a systemized strategy for creating extraordinary results – in business and in everyday life. This is an exceptional story – a treasure trove of information, and a “one of a kind” perspective on the subject of creating success.”

Tom Feltenstein
CEO, Power Marketing Academy
Founder, Neighborhood Marketing Institute

“Achieving remarkable success takes guts!  Deb Cheslow provides a system for laying the foundations of success and then provides the tools required to actually make it happen – in your life and in your business.”

Nick Nanton
EMMY Award Winning Film Director
Best-Selling Author
CEO, The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency

“Deb Cheslow is a bright beacon on a stormy night! Listen to her!!”

Bob Proctor
Best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker
Star of the Film, “The Secret”

“I’ve seen Deb Cheslow in action personally, and I can tell you she is more than courageous – she gets truly ‘remarkable’ results! Deb breaks down the fundamental systems required for success. She gives you a roadmap that leads to incredible success using the proven principles that have guided her own life.”

Greg Rollett
CEO, The ProductPros

What people are saying about Deb Cheslow’s presentations…

Nancy Alexander
Owner, Achieve More Physical Therapy

“A completely refreshing presentation, unlike anything we have experienced before. Deb Cheslow’s keynote was truly a breath of fresh air.”

Michael Bindman
Chairman, FloridaRealtors, Inc.

“An excellent presentation! You had the group with your opening sentence. Timeless wisdom combined with your delivery is a combo that can’t be beat!  The entire membership would benefit from your message.”

Linda Sacha
Personal Coach and Author of Queen for a Day:  Recapturing Your Happiness One Birthday at a Time

“Deb’s presentation added something different to my perception….it added feeling! I am one of those people who need to understand anything scientific. I now understand success on the level of feeling. I now KNOW and BELIEVE that I CAN and WILL achieve all my goals.”

Madeline Berman
Independent Marketing Consultant

“Holy Cow!  Spend an hour with Deb Cheslow and she will change your LIFE!!”

Joshua Curtis
Owner, Handheld Desk, Port Orange, FL

“I got so much eye-opening information from Deb and Angie’s seminars! I was able to immediately implement several ideas to take my business to the next level. I’m looking forward to seeing quantum leaps in business and in life, with their continued guidance!”

Angie Warga
Owner, New Life Martial Arts, Port Orange, FL

What clients say about Deb Cheslow’s business consulting …

“Two years ago I was dabbling in Network Marketing and knew it wasn’t for me but I loved the personal development aspect. Then I attended a presentation and met Deb.  I used what I learned in the short session and started to see a difference.  Fast forward to 8 months ago when I made the best decision of my life and signed up for your coaching program.  In 8 short months I have made dramatic progress personally, intellectually, and professionally.  I set goals, imagineered them coming to fruition and tomorrow will start my dream job that came to me in two, yes only two weeks, after I decided that I needed more intellectual stimulation in my job.  
I used Deb’s techniques and raised my credit score 100 points in 6 months.  Letting go of past issues that no longer serve me and focusing on “squares” at all times has been life-changing.  Honestly, I believe I used imagineering to have my husband quit smoking.   He stopped within two months of me focusing on him being a non- smoker.  Adding Unrealogical Health I have released 15 lbs and feel healthier every day.  I love the interaction and community support.  Knowing I will hit my goal weight is empowering and exciting.   
Thank you seems so inadequate for all you  have done for me and helped me accomplish to date.   I wanted you both to know the dramatic and remarkable impact you have on lives.  Thank you, Thank you. Thank you!”
Laura Segrin
Executive Assistant, Vapotherm

“I have taken, read, learned, and implemented many coaching programs in the past. However, I have never had one that gave me a system that, if followed, will guarantee success like the coaching program Deb Cheslow provides. Within a short period of time the levels of improvement and success in my personal and professional life have been amazing. The amount of belief and actions I now take to realize my goals have been consistent and continue to improve.

If you are on the fence, take the “risk” and go for it. You’ll find it wasn’t a risk at all, but a means to move you closer to your dreams than you ever believed possible.”

Sandi Eveleth

“Thank you for helping me be happy with my career again.  I have so much more energy now and want to get up and go to work, live life and keep an upbeat positive attitude.  I will not forget what you have done for me.”

Julie Young
Vice President, Brown & Brown Insurance

“Hiring Deb Cheslow as my business coach is the best investment I have ever made – not just financially but in every area in my life!!”

Kaye Kirkpatrick
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

“I have worked with Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn on a number of occasions and I am impressed that they very much “practice what they preach” both in their personal and business lives. In fact, a number of the agents in my brokerage have participated in coaching programs they offer with resounding success! Real estate is all about developing that “razor’s edge” that separates you from the competition. Deb and Angie definitely have the recipe for success for anyone in commissioned or transactional sales professions. Not only are they great coaches, they are great people I recommend their coaching services highly!”

Louise Baker, Broker
Long & Foster Realtors

“When I was considering enrolling our company in the Deb’s 12-week coaching program, I was coming to it purely from the perspective of improving our business. I was happy with my personal life and saw no real need for improvement. By week 4 of the program, I had made a couple of truly transformational shifts in my personal life that have made virtually EVERY aspect of my life better and more fulfilling. And the exciting part is that those personal shifts have also carried over to our business, making my work life there so much more satisfying as well! It’s not just marketing hype, Deb Cheslow Consulting’s coaching program really is a transformational, eye-opening experience.”

Carol Huntley-Weber
Wilder-Weber Leadership Group

“Working with Deb has been life changing for me. I now am making the most of my life every day, with my eyes and ears in tune to my goals and expectations. Thanks for all your support!”

Joyce Williams
It Works! Global

“Deb is not trying to reinvent the wheel they have just learned how to teach you how to use it!!  I have learned that I already have a GREAT life. I learned I didn’t have to make big changes and that sometimes your job changes and the reason is that God has given you a better one. It was as if I was standing on the beach looking out at the sea and thinking, “Oh my, I am stranded! What am I going to do!” Then you turn around and there is this big beautiful resort right in front of you!  Thanks for helping me to ‘turn around!!!’”

Ann Pintiliano
Subaru of Daytona

“I’ve always been a “magic bullet” kind of person. When I started gaining weight in my 30’s, I was constantly vigilant for the easy fix – something that would morph me back to my former skinny self without making me work too hard or sacrificing too much! Same thing for my health… As I’ve gotten older and the test results don’t always come back as “normal” as I might like, I’ve found myself filling my cart with books on my latest “condition” and how to “fix” it. In February, I met Deb Cheslow for the first time at the prompting of my daughter. In March I joined one of her MasterMind groups. I was really worried. I was the heaviest I have ever been and I had just received news from my doctor that I was pre-diabetic. My joints ached so badly from arthritis that I could barely walk up a flight of stairs. Although our book study was “You Were Born Rich,” I didn’t care a whit about getting rich, I just wanted my HEALTH back. What I learned over those 12 weeks is that there is a power within me I never knew existed. I started applying the principles Deb taught each week and developed some affirmations that I could repeat to myself daily. I was like a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering more snow as I went along. I started making small changes, based on the FEELINGS that my new thoughts created. I could actually feel my paradigms – long held, comfortable, warm, fuzzy habits and patterns of my life – shifting toward new, healthier habits. Suddenly I was able to walk up a flight of stairs without effort, I was taking my dog for a walk a few times per week – it was happening!! I was so pleased to be able to share some wonderful news with Deb and my friends in my coaching group last week. My doctor ran some follow up tests and the results show that my pre-diabetic condition has completely reversed itself. I have lost weight. I am TRULY healthier today than I was yesterday and I will be healthier still tomorrow. I cannot recommend Deb or her programs more highly. It’s not exactly a magic bullet, but it’s darned close!!”

Alice LoMascolo
Virginia Tech, Department of English

“Thanks for waking up my dreams again.”


“I have just finished reading “The Simple Success Solution”! WOW! Once I started reading it, I could not put it down! Success is definitely within reach for all of us.”

Lorie Gannon
Infinite Self Expansion

“Get thee to the nearest coaching program Deb offers as fast as you can! I really did not think I’d be saying this when I first agreed to host a group … in fact I didn’t really believe that I’d find enough people to fill it and thought (selfishly) that I’d therefore be off the hook. But a combination of my high esteem for Deb and a quick winding path led to something I could not have imagined at the outset. Three take-aways: 1. This is not magical thinking – it’s a way to rediscover the lights you forgot about (under those bushels … remember?). 2. The funniest little things will stick with you long after the twelve weeks are over … and energize your commitment to that magnificent human being you see every day in the mirror. And finally: 3. You may want to put a good pair of shades on your shopping list: you’ll need them as your dreams start going supernova like mine are.”

Monica Rokicki-Guajardo
Partner, Better Building Works, Roanoke, VA

“Deb, I want to thank you for conducting this group and for opening my eyes to something that is attainable in my life. You are a perfect example of this working so I intend to keep going. I cannot wait for the next program.”

Jessica Potvin
VSC Fire & Security

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