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 Meet the Rest of the Team

Angie Flynn, Chief Operating Officer

Angie is an alumnus of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA with Finance and Marketing concentrations.  She has industrial sales and marketing experience at Tyco/ADT Security Systems and Kaydon Corporation, as well as program operations experience in academia.  Angie is the creative force at Cheslow Achievement Group, creating program content and developing manuscripts for new books, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the company.  Angie is also a Certified Consultant and Facilitator.  Angie is the co-author of The Simple Success Solution, Overcome Dysthymia, and Release. She is a Black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate and an Ironman Triathlete.  Angie is passionate about helping people (especially athletes) breakthrough their own self-imposed limitations to achieve results that far surpass their hopes and expectations.

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Freddie Smith, Vice President of Marketing

With over 18 years in the industry, she has extensive experience in marketing, sales and public relations, including print media, corporate public relations, regional events, national media and radio. She directs the company’s marketing efforts as well as directing it’s Marketing Consulting Division.  Freddie has a degree in Computer Science and Marketing, as well as certificates in Travel and Tourism. Freddie specializes in redirecting a company image and perception for results-oriented marketing strategies. She believes a moral standard and character should always be a core part decision making and will ultimately be key to any company’s success. She believes positive reinforcement and displayed appreciation will motivate most people beyond expectations. Freddie enjoys customer service and public relations and is a masterful negotiator.

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Karrie Worrell, Administrative Guru

Karrie brings experience from diverse backgrounds, making her a valuable asset to the Cheslow Achievement Group team. Her background in purchasing and scheduling, in the world of manufacturing, has equipped her to take complex systems and build frameworks for efficiency, putting systems in place allowing for seamless deliveries of service. Karrie is the glue that keeps Cheslow Achievement Group together.

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