At Cheslow Achievement Group, our mission is to continually develop mind, body and spirit, living a life of prosperity and joy, so that we may change lives for the better and empower others through teaching, coaching and training, to seek out their own purpose, live their lives to the fullest and realize their dreams.


About Deb Cheslow…

Deb Cheslow is America’s Achievement Expert.  She is a #1 best-selling author, speaker, corporate trainer, consultant and facilitator who has spent her entire life defying the odds to achieve goals that should not have been possible from any logical viewpoint. She regularly appears in the media sharing her perspective on achieving breakaway success in business and in life.

Famous for her no-nonsense, results-oriented style, Deb is known for asking the question, “Where would you be if every time you said ‘I Should…,’ you actually DID?” She shares a systemized strategy for achieving success beyond your wildest dreams that is based upon four foundational pillars – discipline, accountability, standards and systems.  Deb teaches a process for looking fear in the face and then acting in spite of that fear. It is a system she learned as an Instructor Pilot in the United States Air Force teaching airmen to fly advanced supersonic jets – a system that is easily duplicated by individuals, teams, organizations and companies to create phenomenal results.

Deb is the #1 best-selling author of the books, Remarkable Courage – A Systemized Strategy for Success, Release – The Simple Success Solution for Real and Permanent Weight Loss, Overcome Dysthymia – Break Free and Create A Life You Love, The Simple Success Solution, and The New Rules of Success. 

She is a 3rd degree black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate, an avid weightlifter and is passionate about health and wellness.

Cheslow Achievement Group’s corporate speaking and training services are transformational and even a simple telephone consultation can be a game changer.  Deb Cheslow’s unique gift is the ability to see the big picture, identify the strategic holes, and break it all down to simple, actionable steps that can be implemented by every associate the moment they leave the training room.

Every executive wants ground-breaking results for their company, organization, or team.  But how do you achieve quantum leaps in results if you keep operating in the same, ineffective manner day after day?  In today’s business environment it can be easy to lose sight of the forest while focusing on all the trees.  Bring the power of Cheslow Achievement Group’s peak performance strategies to your company, organization or team today!

Deb Cheslow understands the unique challenges that managers and executives face today.  She understands what it takes to blaze a new trail from first-hand experience.  It takes courage to face that inevitable fear of the unknown and to act in spite of that fear.  It takes a willingness to put logic aside and “go for it” with everything you have in you.  It takes a simple process that everyone in your organization can use to transcend their present results and explode forward.  That is what Cheslow Achievement Group’s customized speaking and training services offer you.

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