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Do you ever feel "stuck?" You KNOW you are destined to do great things, but no matter how hard you try, it seems you take one step forward and then two steps back. You have BIG goals, but you just can't seem to make any lasting progress toward them.

Are you ready to be done with all that?

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Recent Blog Posts

  • Committing to the No Complaining Challenge

    The 30-Day No Complaining Challenge is a great way to reset your perspective.  The idea is to commit to refraining from complaining. blaming, and justifying for 30 straight days.  If you slip up, restart at Day 1. It may sound simple, but it’s definitely not easy.  I have issued this challenge to literally thousands – […]

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  • Making Peace With the Past

    I woke up the other morning and all of a sudden and without warning I was hit with a flood of thoughts that brought up a bunch of memories that triggered a set of emotions that quite simply overwhelmed me for a few minutes before I fully realized what was happening.  It was crazy! During […]

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  • Addicted to FEELINGS?

    Paradigms… Programming… Conditioning… Upper Limits… Whatever we choose to call them – those artificial limitations that we place on ourselves and our performance subconsciously SUCK!  WHY are they so hard to overcome?  Why can’t we just make a decision to change and then just… CHANGE? It’s not that we are weak-willed or that we lack […]

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