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If you've arrived on this site wondering "Who is Deb Cheslow?" then check out this video which was filmed at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University President's Speaker Series. Host, Marc Bernier, follows Deb's life from her early career as a USAF supersonic jet instructor pilot through her transition to one of the premiere executive coaches and consultants in the country.

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Recent Blog Posts

  • “I’m So Busy…”

    We live in a society that glorifies the busy, the frenetic, the over-scheduled, the manic. It’s as if  there were some badge of honor being handed out to the people who are the “busiest” and that if our calendars aren’t jam-packed with appointments from well before dawn until well after dusk we must not want […]

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  • I Care… But Not That Much!

    Have you ever noticed that the things you don’t care about too much come together way easier than the “big deal” desires of life.  Why is it that an email from an old friend arrives the day after we were randomly thinking about them, but the phone hasn’t rung in weeks after interviewing for a […]

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  • I Can’t vs I Don’t

    Think back to the last time you were faced with a choice that was related to one of your goals. Maybe you have a goal to clean up your diet and lose weight and you were faced with the opportunity to eat a big piece of chocolate cake… Maybe you and your spouse are saving […]

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