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If you've arrived on this site wondering "Who is Deb Cheslow?" then check out this video which was filmed at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University President's Speaker Series. Host, Marc Bernier, follows Deb's life from her early career as a USAF supersonic jet instructor pilot through her transition to one of the premiere executive coaches and consultants in the country.

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  • Peak Performance Pillar #4 – Systems

    So far, we’ve covered the first 3 pillars of my Success System – Standards, Discipline, and Accountability. Now it’s time to address the GLUE that holds the whole thing together – Pillar #4 – SYSTEMS. Systems are absolutely essential.  Think of them like the script for a movie.  Can you imagine all of the actors […]

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  • Peak Performance Pillar #3 – Accountability

    Change is scary.  It can be terrifying.  Every step of the way logic is tugging and pulling at us, determined to hold us back, to keep us stuck; and at some point, it’s going to get overwhelming.   Having a goal and the self-discipline to move forward are important, but they’re never going to be […]

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  • UnREALogical® Audiobook Now Available!

    We are happy to announce that Deb Cheslow’s book, UnREALogical® – Real People Remarkable Stories of Transformation is available in downloadable audiobook format. Imagine waking up one day and discovering that you suddenly had the power to create anything you desired in your life. Imagine recreating your entire life so that everything was just the way you want it to be: ideal […]

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