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If you've arrived on this site wondering "Who is Deb Cheslow?" then check out this video which was filmed at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University President's Speaker Series. Host, Marc Bernier, follows Deb's life from her early career as a USAF supersonic jet instructor pilot through her transition to one of the premiere executive coaches and consultants in the country.

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  • Call It Inspiration…

    Or maybe it’s just insanity. Angie Flynn here, and NO, I have not signed up for another Ironman race. In fact, I’ve pretty much hung up my swim cap and bike shorts these days. Ironman Texas took a lot out of me and gave me a lot back, all at the same time. I still […]

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  • Peak Performance Pillar #4 – Systems

    So far, we’ve covered the first 3 pillars of my Success System – Standards, Discipline, and Accountability. Now it’s time to address the GLUE that holds the whole thing together – Pillar #4 – SYSTEMS. Systems are absolutely essential.  Think of them like the script for a movie.  Can you imagine all of the actors […]

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  • Peak Performance Pillar #3 – Accountability

    Change is scary.  It can be terrifying.  Every step of the way logic is tugging and pulling at us, determined to hold us back, to keep us stuck; and at some point, it’s going to get overwhelming.   Having a goal and the self-discipline to move forward are important, but they’re never going to be […]

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