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2017 Breakthrough Summit

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Do you ever feel "stuck?" Are you ready to break through that thing that is holding you back from living life on your own terms once and for all?

We've added a second Breakthrough Summit in 2018 in addition to our SOLD OUT event. Join us on May 31 - June 3, 2018 in Daytona Beach Shores, FL for a one-of-a-kind event you won't ever forget.

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  • Angie’s Top 10 Tools For Getting Your “Diet” Mojo Back

    I want to talk about a subject that I think a lot of us may be dealing with, which is how do we get our healthy eating mojo back now that the holidays are over so we can keep moving toward our health and wellness goals? When January 2nd rolled around, I was totally dealing […]

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  • UnREALogical Health

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Welcome to 2018! The beginning of the new year is always a great time to take a look back and take stock of our accomplishments over the past year and then look forward to what we want to achieve during the coming year. I’m not a big believer in “New Year’s […]

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  • Are We Having Fun Yet?… The Holiday Edition

    Handling the inevitable stress, tension, and disappointment of holiday gatherings…   It’s a scenario that plays out across the globe every holiday season. Families come together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. But how long does the celebration last before someone gets their feelings hurt and walks off to sulk in another room?  How long before […]

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